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El Submarinista Remixes

The Chosen One #25

Not since the arrival of American fusioneers Nomo has a collective embraced Funk, Rock, Electronic and African elements into one, consuming stew. Born of Madrid's alternative music scene, sextet Forastero include baritone sax to synths, double-bass to the non-contact instrument, the theremin. Two pieces, 'El Submarinista en el Tejado' and 'Morfina' are given a different perspective.

Bassist Huw Bennett's Susso project, comprising Gambian artists, smooth out the rough freedom of the original, focusing on the percussive elements, baritone and balafon sounds, bringing it effortlessly to early-evening dancefloors. 'Morfina' is a more undulating affair; building from the reflective into a psychedelic Funk/Rock finale.

Spanish Electronic artists, Fasenuova and Gkahn, revamp the whole affair using the bassline to head into other synth/drum-programmed territories for their extended remix. To investigate Forastero further, seek the explicit video for Frenesí (in wool - all will become clear) which has caused a stir.

Out on the Lovemonk label on 29th September.


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