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Floating Points

Silurian Blue

The Chosen One #12

The next chapter in the musical life of Sam Shepherd finds him stepping beyond the Jazz-inspired soundscapes of recent times.

His arrival into recorded music,  delivering a prolific number of singles and EPs for approaching ten years, has straddled Broken Beat, 2-Step, Deep House, Orchestral Soul and Experimental Electronica.

Prolific and dedicated as Floating Points, he has now produced a 27-minute film entitled 'Reflections - Mojave Desert' which features all-new material, of which 'Silurian Blue' is the first to be showcased.

What of this very single then? Those grand atmospheric highs that he has reached for since introducing the Ensemble and through the first full LP 'Elaenia', are present.

The synthesised touches and Rhoodes flourishes are accompanied by Mahavishnu Orchestra-like guitar this time, adding a new dimension to his sound. The drums fizz busily underneath on a piece that rises, dips and soars again like a bird of prey having achieved its objective.

The film is due for release on David Byrne's Luaka Bop and Mr Shepherd's Pluto label on 30th June.


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