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Lee Burridge and Lost Desert

Loopyness (EP)

The Chosen One #15

Beginning with a summary, this triple-pronged attack is, put succinctly, irresistible, sun-drenched Deep World House goodness. Released on  Lee's 'All Day I Dream' label, this carries on the standard most recently set by 'Lingala', out at the end of 2016 and featuring the voice of DR of Congo's Junior.

The title cut can almost be seen as a perfect companion to 'Lingala'. It is an instrumental: a builder that offers both bareness and warmth through the percussive elements of the conga and shaker holding strong with a pulsating, three-chord riff. Its ten-minute duration just does not seem sufficient.

'Botanic' transfixes dancing feet over 120bpm on a hypnotic, simple leit-motif while '12CC' is pure escapism throughout its 8 1/2 minutes, tinged with the tones of sub-Saharan Africa. Mr Burridge and Lost Desert have yet to produce anything that is not captivating. Out now.


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