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The 5 Q Interview














1) Primarily a globally-renowned DJ for over three decades now, what was the gig that took you to the next level?


There wasn't one thing, its been a slow ,steady thing. I've been in and out of fashion a few times, depending on what is happening musically in clubland. You have to keep working hard, revising what you do to stay relevant but at the same time be true to yourself.


2) Your outstanding remix of late '90s - Millennium-era House music was 'Wishing You Were Here' by Blaze. Which remix are you most proud?


Thanks but there isn't one. Of course, I like the Blaze mix, I loved the song and asked to remix it. Same with Erro "Change For Me". MAW "Backfired" was another popular remix from that period. I still play my old Reese Project remix from the early 90s, which is musically one we changed everything on from the original. I enjoy remixing classic disco and soul, like the ones of the Remixed with Love album - The Pockets, Christopher Cross, Patrice Rushen. I'm dealing with incredible material, which makes the job easier in some respects, but you have more pressure to deliver. 


3) As proprietor of Z Records, leading the way in Soulful and pioneering dance-related music, past and present, what have been the biggest challenges to running a label for so long?


Sometimes it is finding good music you like enough to want to actually release. New ideas for compilations. Making it work as a profitable business in the digital age also isn't easy. 


4) Your two volumes of 'Remixed with Love' were a blessing for the Dance Music family. Are there any plans for a third?


Yes, i've been working on a third for a while and it's almost finished, but the big problem is that clearing the remixes takes forever - maybe a year of bureaucratic bullshit, chasing various people who respond to one email in ten. Some reading this would maybe expect with the success of first 2 volumes and the fact i've been around a while it would be much easier by now, but one of the majors, in particular, is impossible to deal with. I'll make sure I never use any of their material again, unless the system there drastically changes. It's a great shame and awful for the artists whose music they own, as they make it so difficult for other labels to license their music, meaning their artists will be missing out on income. Yet at the same time there so many illegal usages all over the net and on sale on vinyl.


5) What can we expect from the latest Z Records release: Joey Negro, 'Produced with Love' and where can it be purchased? 


It's an uptempo Disco, Boogie, Jazz-Funk type album, featuring a selection of vocalists from both the UK and USA and some fantastic musicians. I guess it is influenced by the sort of music I grew up with plus what I've learnt from remixing records from that era. Hard for me to talk about my own music, but I put a lot of work into making it. I don't think it's perfect but I do think if it wasn't me and I bought it,  I would be happy I had. 

#8: Joey Negro

DJ, Head of Z Records, Taste Maker, Remixer,

Recording Artist

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